Image map of pile of Photos for the People Photo Page on Christine Virball portfolio site Photo image of elderly woman laughing. Image of man sitting on dock on lake side. Image of woman on schooner at night off Key West, Florida. Image of a groom and bride outside church. Image of boy playing with man's hat. Image of boy with Portugal soccer shirt. Image of Hawaiian guitarist at Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu. Image of little girl in pink angel costume. Image of a couple along the seaside mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. Image of two women sitting close with big, sincere smiles. Close up image of baby girl with wild hair, pacifier in mouth and mischievious grin. Image of sister, mother, and bride. Image of man in red kayak with yellow paddle. Image of man with skate helmet with yellow toy attached. Image of three young girls making goofy faces for the camera. Close up image of baby boy at the beach, wearing navy and red striped shirt and light blue knit cap. Image of man near The Golden Gate Bridge. Image of young girl on colorful jungle gym and slide. Image of two dressed-up, smiling women in the sunshine.. Image of close couple holding paper folded fan.

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Boy Wonder.
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Close up photo image of boy
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Boy Wonder.
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Photo image of couple in Newport, RI

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